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Dental Bridges and Crowns

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Two of the more popular procedures in family dentistry are dental crowns and the dental bridge. First, let's look at teeth crowns. Also known as a cap, tooth crowns are put over your tooth to restores its shape, strength and appearance. One reason for a crown is when a cavity is so extensive that of filling alone isn't enough. Essentially, your dental crown is cemented over your existing tooth and it encases your entire tooth to the gum line. This protects your tooth while looking natural. Dental bridges are exactly what the name entails - it's a bridge that closes the gap between missing teeth. Teeth bridges are constructed of false teeth that are then connected to two or more anchoring teeth known as abutment teeth.





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Bridges and Crowns for Teeth

If you need a teeth bridge or a tooth crown it’s important to pick a dentist who’s experienced in the procedure you need. You can never take your dental health to lightly because it's tied to so many other aspects of your health. For decades my family dentistry practice has help all ages in the Clarksburg area. If you find yourself in need of a new procedure or in examination involving possible dental bridges or crowns contact me, Dr. Condron. I'll be glad to examine you and discuss the options available to keep you looking and feeling your best.