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Dental implants

When you need a dental implant procedure

Dental implants return your smile
Get your smile back thanks to a dental implant procedure at Dr. Thomas Condron’s family dentistry.

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are placed into your jaw. The purpose of the dental implant is to hold a replacement tooth or dental bridge in place. There are several motives why someone might need a dental implant procedure. A few reasons for a ‘fake tooth’ may include a tooth (or teeth) lost because of an injury or teeth that are damaged from periodontal disease. If you find yourself in need of dental implants from a trusted and experienced dentist in Clarksburg, look no further than our office.


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For decades now I've been helping patients with their dental implants. In fact, I have trained with the leading innovator when it comes to dental implant procedures so you can rest assured that you'll receive quality care at my family dentistry clinic. I'm Dr. Thomas Condron and I take great joy in helping people find their smile again. If you're experiencing pain or you simply want an attractive smile, contact me today. It only takes a few moments of your time to tell me about your possible condition so you can schedule an appointment.