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Root Canal

Care from family dentist experienced in root canals

Escape dental pain with a root canal
If you’re experiencing pain that a filling won’t cure, you may need a root canal form Dr. Condron DDS.

For many people the thought of root canal means torturous pain, but that’s simply not true today. First though, looks look at the overall process. Inside your tooth is something known as pulp, which contains the nerves, blood vessels and the connecting tissue. When pulp is damaged (from decay, abscess, etc.) you experience pain. In a root canal the pulp chamber and 'root canals' are cleaned and then gutta-percha material is used to fill the tooth, which is sealed off with cement. It's finished with a crown to prevent the tooth from cracking. With a root canal you’ll still be able to have normal biting force and chewing. You'll still have sensation and a natural appearance. In short, it's a way to save your tooth which might otherwise be lost or create extreme pain if left untreated.


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Understanding root canals

Let's be honest. No one wants to have a root canal, but sometimes it's the only avenue left when you're experiencing tooth pain that can't be solved by other means. Rest assured that this family dentist practice does everything to make your experience as pain-free as possible. Not only will you experience excellent care during your root canal, you'll also be educated on the aftercare, which is just as important. If you’re tired of suffering from tooth pain, let us help. I’m Dr. Thomas Condron and alleviating pain is what our practice does. So call or email us today to learn more about root canal procedures.