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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal by family dentist Dr. Condron

Clarksburg woman suffering from wisdom tooth pain
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Wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed as long as there correctly positioned in your mouth and you aren’t experiencing pain. However, there are times when they become impacted or begin to overcrowd your other teeth. They can also be susceptible to cavities more so than other teeth. Usually wisdom teeth removal happens when the patient is a teenager or young adult because that's when most wisdom teeth sprout. However, wisdom teeth can appear at any time from childhood to adulthood or simply not appear at all. If you suspect issues with your wisdom teeth you can find out if extractions are the solution by contacting me.


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When Extractions Are Needed

Again, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth taken out. However, when a wisdom tooth is impacted it’s unable to grow properly. You may notice that the tooth is just below or slightly above the gum line. The reason this happens is because the tooth doesn't have room enough to grow. At other times they may grow at an angle towards another tooth. Plus, they can be extremely painful because it impacts the roots of your molars. If you're experiencing tooth pain, at any age, wisdom teeth may be the culprit. To find out for sure contact me, Dr. Thomas Condron DDS. My staff and I will be happy to schedule an appointment to examine if wisdom teeth are the cause of your mouth pain. To alleviate your discomfort, start by calling us today.